Buying Art, Prints and Commissions

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I welcome requests for individual paintings depicting wildflowers, still life or shearing
sheds and I can discuss your requirements and produce sketches for approval before
undertaking the painting.

To discuss your preferences, you can contact me at page.
I will endeavour to reply to every request and thank you for looking at my artwork!

PRINTS Available

Images taken from my original oil paintings and reproduced as giclee fine art prints on archival art papers. Payment through Paypal.
Order direct via by quoting the order number.
Common Spider Orchid
Image 15cm x 17cm
Order number: GP111
$50+postage AUD

Little Bee Orchid
Image 15cm x 17cm
Order number: GP122
$50+postage AUD
King Spider Orchid

Image 15cm x 17cm
Order number: GP133
$50+postage AUD
Firewood Banksia

Image 33cm x 27cm
Order number: GP144
$80+postage AUD

Slip Orchid

Image 21cm x 27cm
Order Number: GP155
$60+postage AUD
Red Flowering Gum

Image 31cm x 28cm
Order number: GP166
$80+postage AUD
Banksia Bloom

Image 28cm x 35cm
Order Number: GP188
$80+postage AUD
Big Red

Image 26cm x 32cm
Order number: GP177
$80+postage AUD

Nuts n Leaves

Image 27cm x 36cm
Order Number: GP199
$80+postage AUD


Set of 6 placemats - 6 different images - Presented in a gift box - Each placemat is 29cmx 22cm - Timber with a cork backing - Heat and water resistant
Includes care instructions and wildflower/artist details - High quality product Made in Australia.
Please order via '' page quoting Order number.

Set of 6 different placemats
Order number: PB211
$75 AUD $13.80 shipping
Set of six different placemats
Order number: PB222
$75AUD $13.80 shipping

Set of 6 placemats. One image.
Order number: PB233
$75 AUD $13.80 shipping

Set of 6 coasters. 6 images
Order number: CST311
$45 AUD $8.50 shipping
Set of 6 coasters. 6 images
Order number: CST322
$45 AUD $8.50 shipping

Kindest regards,

Delma White.